About Us

PangaAbuelita is a renowned online platform dedicated to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of Latin American literature, with a focus on children’s books. Our mission is to reconnect children with their cultural roots and empower them through literature, fostering empathy, diversity, and multicultural understanding. We envision a world where the rich literary traditions of Latin American countries are cherished and celebrated by children of all backgrounds, inspiring a sense of belonging and cultural pride.

Our History

PangaAbuelita was founded in 2005 by Pamela Miller, a passionate advocate for cultural diversity in literature. Pamela, an experienced educator herself, was deeply concerned about the lack of representation and accessibility of Latin American children’s literature. Due to this void, many children were missing the opportunity to develop a sense of pride and connection with their cultural roots through literature.

Driven by her passion, Pamela set out to curate a collection of high-quality children’s books that captured the essence and cultural vibrancy of Latin America. Through her determination and devotion, PangaAbuelita gradually grew into an influential platform, providing parents, educators, and children a comprehensive resource to connect with Latin America’s extensive literary heritage.

Why PangaAbuelita?

PangaAbuelita was created to address the pressing need to give children access to culturally diverse books that highlight Latin America’s enchanting stories, characters, and customs. By showcasing the literature of this vibrant region, we hope to kindle the love for reading and promote cross-cultural understanding among children.

Our Objective

At PangaAbuelita, our objective is to serve as a bridge that connects children of all backgrounds to captivating Latin American children’s literature. We endeavor to curate a rich collection of books steeped in Latin American culture, spanning various genres and age groups. Our expert team of highly skilled editors and cultural heritage enthusiasts ensures that our book selection consistently reflects the values of authenticity, storytelling, and educational potential.

Who Do We Serve?

PangaAbuelita aims to cater to a diverse range of readers, including parents, educators, librarians, and children themselves. Our resources provide inspiration and guidance for parents seeking literature that portrays Latin America’s traditions, promotes cultural pride, and encourages cross-cultural connections. Educators and librarians utilize our platform to create inclusive curricula and diverse reading lists that foster empathy and understanding among their students. Ultimately, children from every corner of the globe will find our platform a gateway to vibrant worlds and embrace a wider embrace of cultural diversity.

Our Unique Value

What sets PangaAbuelita apart is our relentless dedication to highlighting Latin American children’s literature. Our curated collection goes beyond a simple assortment of titles; it captures the profound essence of each story, celebrating Latin America’s diverse cultural landscapes. We strive to go beyond basic representation, ensuring that each book carries authentic narratives, vibrant illustrations, and timeless values. It is this level of quality and cultural significance that sets us apart and makes PangaAbuelita a trusted resource for those interested in exploring Latin America’s literary treasures.

Join us on this enriching journey to expand the horizons of children’s literary experiences, celebrating the cultural tapestry of Latin America and fostering global understanding for generations to come.

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